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We are experts

in agricultural color sources, extraction technologies and coloring applications. Our motivated and experienced R&D and account management teams keep our R&D pipeline full, continously bringing innovative products to the market while expanding our business at home and abroad.




Since 2007, Endemix, trademark for making high value added ingredients.




New ideas require new ingredients all over the world.




Knowing your product, understanding the needs make long term relations.


Holistic approach and offering customized solution

are key when coloring a beverage with natural pigments. Especially anthocyanin based products from black carrot are first choice in the market for beverage applications. Combining them with other purified pigments, Endemix can offer many shades naturally achieved for your beverage.


With extensive in-house capabilities for confectionary applications,

Endemix offers color solutions for all types of products. Jellies, hard candies, toffee, coated candies, laces can all be colored at endemix with pigments chosen for the project in accordance with the regulations, packaging and cost factors.

Dairy & Ice-Cream

Offering excellent products

both from the extensive Color Solutions portfolio and alternatives from the newly developed Coloring Foodstuff, Endemix became the top natural color provider for the ice-cream companies in its region.


We understand the challenges with natural colors

when exposed to high levels of heat in bakery processes. Endemix has experience with many natural pigments to efficiently choose the right solution for your specific processing conditions.

Soup & Souces

Renown for specialty Paprika products Endemix

has the world’s top soup & sauce makers among its long term clients. With capabilities of making different types of powders, unique solutions are created for powder type applications.

Meat & Seafood

With aggressive heat conditions and limiting regulations,

meat industry needs special focus to use natural colors. With specially stabilized paprika and betanin based color solutions, Endemix works on long term projects for replacing carmine in specific products of acclaimed meat brands.


Natural color products


Percent R&D personnel


Different countries


Percent growth

Endemix carries a large breadth of natural colors, developed by a dedicated R&D team making up one fifth of the human resources. Our colors are sold in most continents and the sales of Endemix doubles every two years and geared up to keep this fast pace.

Coloring Foodstuff

endemix / Products
Relatively newer as a defined category in the market place, Endemix already had the main focus of its product portfolio in this area since the creation of its color products almost a decade ago.

Color Solutions

endemix / Products
Endemix uses only natural pigments and only from agricultural resources in order to offer its wide range of color solutions. Formulated using the best natural pigments and other ingredients of choice, all sorts of applications and needs are satisfied to the best of nature’s offerings.

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A natural pigment is not enough to color a new product idea naturally!



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